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Holy Week in Ecuador, what are the typical traditions?

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Date: April 13, 2017

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The Holy Week is one of the few times in the year that thousands of Ecuadorians gather in the streets. It is a great moment for visiting the country, as travelers can discover one of the most important festivities of Ecuador. Discover the typical traditions for these days!


As Ecuador has an important influence of catholic tradition, one of the most important days of the year is the Holy Friday. It is a day of religious expressions and traditions, and all the streets are plenty of people. Easter processions can be found in many cities and villages of the country.

The most famous Procession in Ecuador and around the world is the the Christ of Great Power´s it takes place in Quito. This franciscan procession is one of the most known in Latin America, with more than 300,000 people gathered there every year. This religious ritual has been held in this main city since 1961, but when it really started was in the Middle Ages. This representation tries to show the triumph of forgiveness. It exonerates those who walk barefoot, hiding their faces as a symbol of their guilt for their sins.



Another typical tradition of the Holy Week in Ecuador is the gastronomic dish called Fanesca. As the “colada morada”, every family has its own way to prepare it. Tourists can find this delicious plate everywhere in the main important cities. It is a delicious stew with tender grains and dried fish. Additionally, the Fanesca is usually served with “Molo”, which is a mashed potatoes dish mixed with cheese.




The recent book ‘The Fanesca: Anthropology of the Ecuadorian Culinary Ritual’ written by Jorge Trujillo, offers an anthropological, economic and symbolic analysis of this typical dish. According to his investigations, the Fanesca is a Hispanic cultural symbiosis that during colonial times, when Spanish came to evangelize Ecuador, christian symbols were mixed with indigenous traditions.

There are other gastronomic delights of Ecuador that visitors usually love about our country. Rice puddings, figs and cheese are the main important. They can be enjoyed during all the year, but these dates are specially typical for trying them.


Come and discover this historic tradition!

In case you come to the Enchanted Islands on board of the boutique yacht Galapagos Seastar Journey or other destinations of Ecuador, you can take time before or after your trip to visit Quito and enjoy their typical traditions. Come and discover this great tradition and also try our culinary delights!



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