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Some unique moments to take photos of the fauna in Galapagos

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Date: July 25, 2017


Every visitor that comes to Galapagos is amazed by the fauna of these islands. However, there are some special behaviours worth to be seen and captured with a camera. Galapagos is an invitation to contemplate the astonishing rituals of courtship, mating behaviors, birth of the puppies, social activities and many other moments of the extraordinary fauna in Galapagos.

Waved albatross courtship dances and mating


If you want to take a beautiful picture of these exotic birds you can visit Española Island on board of one of our boutique yachts. They have a very interesting behaviour: they elaborate mating dances, that can last up to five days and may include stumbling, honking, and beak-fencing. The best time to see this show is in April. Lucky visitors will also see how they wobble awkwardly to the cliff’s edge before launching themselves into the wind to take flight.


Flightless cormorant drying its wings


Galapagos Islands were very inspiring to Darwin because of the particular features of the fauna there. A great sample of evolution is the flightless cormorant: evolution made that this animal lost its ability to fly, as there were no land predators in the islands. How to transform its wings in something useful? Evolution made Galapagos cormorants wings capable to swim at high speeds. It is beautiful to see these birds drying their short wings, or swimming in the water. If you want to see these species during their beautiful courtship rituals, then visit Fernandina in July and August to see them.


Magnificent frigatebird displaying its wings


These birds have bigger wings, and they are also worth to be seen! As you can see above, males have striking red gular sacs which inflate to attract the mates. They also use their spectacular wings to seduce females.


Sea lions playing with the sand


This beautiful picture was taken by us in Galapagos, in one of these amazing moments when sea lions play in the sand. This baby sea lion is plenty of sand, after playing in the beach with other sea lions. From September to November you can visit the islands and see how they are born. Furthermore, during these months it is possible to see how the adult males seduce females with their fights in the shores of the occidental islands.


There are many other extraordinary animals to discover in Galapagos!

If you want to take your own close up pictures or videos of animals in these amazing islands, come with us on a Galapagos Journey cruise!



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