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7 good reasons to recommend Ecuador to your clients


Naturalism, culture and leisure are easy to find everywhere when you are taking a tour to Ecuador.

Ecuador is a particular spot where visitors can engage in a variety of activities besides the


The best activities for families and seniors in Galapagos


In 1835, when Charles Darwin arrived to Galapagos on board of the Beagle, he was amazed by the marvelous biodiversity that he found in the Islands. Like Darwin, every visitor that travels to


Top Best Quito monuments to visit


Quito is one of the favorite destinations of Latin America, as it was considered World Heritage by UNESCO. What makes the capital of Ecuador so attractive for visitors? The city was built in the


5 incredible ruins to visit in Peru that aren’t Machu Picchu


When we think about Peru, we usually evoke images of the Inca Empire and their legacy, but we often ignore that Machu Picchu was not the only heritage that these communities left us. Everybody


The Day of the Dead in Ecuador


If you travel to Ecuador at this time of year, you will have the chance to enjoy one of the most traditional feast days of the year. While other countries decorate their homes with pumpkins and


Reasons why you should travel to Otavalo


Otavalo is one of the cities with more native population in Ecuador. It combines the charm of an ecuadorian city with the beauty of the surroundings, such as the peaks of Imbabura, Peguche


The best beaches for relaxing in Galapagos


Are you ready to discover the most spectacular beaches in Galapagos Islands? Know the best beaches for relaxing in Galapagos. The ecuadorian Archipelago is one of the favourite tourists


5 charming places to visit the ecuadorian Andes


For those travelers who look for enhance their travel experience, there are different options in Ecuador to relax and enjoy in marvelous sorroundings! Discover the ecuadorian Andes with a staff


5 activities to do if you travel to Cuenca

If you are planning to travel to Galapagos Islands or other touristic destinations of Ecuador, we recommend you to dedicate at least one day of your itinerary to travel to Cuenca. Known as ‘the


See Galapagos through the eyes of 8 artists

(Photo: )

Within the framework of the new edition of the Latin American Roaming Art, this year the main topic is Galapagos. LARA Project has received an important international

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